Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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Aug 29, 1945

Dear Mama

Just received your letter of the 16th and am at 1830 sitting in my nice cushioned home made chair with my bare feet up on the bed. Went out to wash my teeth. In pretty good shape I guess. The mosquitos almost ate me up before I could get back in the house.
All the guys are gone - flying but me. Guess they will be in soon they left at 0600 this morn. Guess they will be a little tired. I've been seeing a major today. Was taxiing out the other day and the nose wheel collapsed. Wasn't going very fast and it didn't even jar the boys. Any way I guess they are going to give me some trouble over it. I haven't flown since it happened, which was Sunday. Hope they don't take my crew away from me & don't think they will. Guess the nose wheel strut was weak causing it.
So you folks are getting rich off the water melons. Good deal, its going to take a lot of money to keep me up after I get home. HA HA. Say I hope Mac can go back to school it would really be good for him if he would, also he should make a good football player & maybe get a few offers from colleges. I guess we could all go to the same college & have a team of our own.
So Dad has a pocket book full. Some day some one will knock him in the noggin and take all those green backs. Glad to hear that you aren't too bitter these days [after losing their money in the bank during the depression]. Guess everything turned out O.K. for us didn't it? Boy are we all lucky.
May be I won't be in the occupation after all. Hear that the 13th A.A.F. is going back to the states about the first of the year. Hope its true.
Boy I'll hate to leave this place. I have it really fixed up. Instead of a waste basket (in the way) I have a trap door by my chair and all I do is lift it & drop the scrap in the trash barrel.
Say how's fishing around the lake? Guess they are good size by now. I have a flock of fishing gear. Every thing from shark hooks on down. Hope I can get them home.
Had a nice rain last nite - a deluge. The water barrel is full & so is all the cans under the drip. Started a few tree frogs to hollering too.
I put out a slight laundry today, a bed spread (navy) & two towels, sent my shirts & pants out with the Filipinos. Have one gal that collects laundry that is really cute. Smart as a tack & speaks good English. I don't bother them myself tho.
Well I'd better hush. Take it easy.

Love Oscar