Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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July 5, 1945, Thursday
...Been raining here for a wk. & no sign of letting up. We were supposed to ferry some ships north yesterday but weather was bad. Don't know when we will leave. Soon I hope. This laying around isn't good. Had a big fourth of July. Laid around all day. Raining continually. Had fried chicken for dinner & supper. Wasn't bad but couldn't enjoy it very much. Wish I could get a little slug of that cat fish you were telling of.
So the boys [Oscar's younger brothers] are getting the diving board ready for the Harriman girls. Neither one married yet I guess. Well they are old enuf. as far as that goes. I'm getting too old. Probably be a bachelor. Like heck.
Say did I tell you how much I missed getting a 15 day leave from W.W. Well they picked out two crews out of our section of 18 & we were one of the crews. That is to go to Salinas. The others went on leave. Hard luck. Well that's neither here nor there but maybe its best. I'm really glad to get over here.
Nope that wasn't me circling home but I've always wanted to, but never got the chance. If I do come over it will be low enuf you will know it. May take the top out of he big Oaks...