Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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South West Pacific, July 26, 1945
Dear Folks

Damn the luck, as soon as I find Billy they have to ship me out. Shipped Monday & he was coming back Tuesday. I was mad as hell but that didn't help any. They shipped us out to one island & lo & behold it was the wrong island so we move again. Any way I've been on damn near every island from New Guinea to the Philippines.
As I said in the last letter Billy was in good shape. Looked doggone well. Guess you folks will be seeing him before too awful long. Hope so any way. Oh yeah he's up for the silver star again. Made quite a name for himself in the out fit. Pretty big shot in the outfit. Guess he will get his majority if he stays very much longer.
Say how's farming coming along. Guess I'll get several reports on it if I ever get my mail. It came in the day we shipped out. After we left of course. Damn the luck again. Oh yeah Billy has quite a vocabulary now. Just like me. HA.
Well I've been doing quite a bit of swimming around the different islands. Day before yesterday I walked about a mile thru the coral barefooted & spent the nite picking out the splinters. Plenty of sea life in the coral, snakes (or looked like snakes any way) about 6 ft long every where. Just stepped on one only. Scared the day lights out of me. Picked up a few sea shells. looked over some native dugouts. Outriggers. They really paddle easy. Boy if I only had some film...