Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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Sept 6, 1945

...Rained like heck here last nite & filled our water barrel again, also a leak developed & I had to move some stuff. This is a very good home tho. I scrubbed the floor this morning & its really nice & clean. Now I'm pulling my shoes off before I walk on the floor. This red dirt here really tracks in. Oh I'm a good housekeeper now. You should see some of my needle work. I've made myself a nice battle jacket out of a pair of fatigues.
Say I've sent a gov. check home for $350 you should be getting it about the last of the month. My money is really piling up isn't it? I'll soon have enuf to marry & settle down. Guess there's plenty of eligible gals around? Don't know if I'll give nurse a break or not. I may never see her again and then I may. Guess I'll take a yr or two just laying around. I'm going to try starting some sort of business of my own. I don't like the idea of working for some one else. Wonder what Billy figures on. Don't think he will go back to the Hosiery Mill will he? Like myself he is a little old for college.
Another rain coming up. Well it doesn't even hardly have to cloud up to rain here...