Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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Hawaii, Nov 19, 1945

Dear Folks

Long time no write. Huh? I guess I'll mail this from Mather Field when I get there. As far as I know now I'll go to Maxwell Field, Ala from there.
Well it's a long story, but about two weeks ago we got a ship. B24 with all the turrets & armor out of it. Was going to fly the Colonel (C.O. of 5th Gp) home but he caught a C-54 & came on here for a court martial of one of the 5th Gp men.
We left Clark Fld the 15th for Guam. Stayed over there for two nights. Plane trouble. Eight things wrong with it when we got there. Left 17th for Kwajalein. 18th for Hawaii. We've been here two nites & are having to stay another on account of bad weather. Not bad tho. Went into Honolulu yesterday and looked the place over. Nice & I mean it. Went out to the Waikiki Beach & seen our first white gals (in bathing suits). I've been having a very nice time on the trip & no kidding. The flights have been 10:20, 9:45 & 14:05 (time of flts) so far not bad. They seem to think this last hop stretches our fuel supply quite a bit but we have really been conserving fuel - 165 gal per hr. Most burn over 200 gal. Say I guess I'll be home in about 10 days after you get this letter. Hope you folks are all well. Take it easy & don't work too hard. I'll see you danged soon.

Love Oscar