Leslie Oscar Evans "Letters to Home"

Letters written to the folks back home were saved by Evans' mother,
and excerpts can be read here, along with viewable photos (click the links)
- all pics are from Oscar's personal scrapbook.

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June 20, 1945, Wed, 1100
Dear Folks,

Nice weather here this morning, raining like heck. These tents aren't too bad but some water runs under the cots.
We arrived here this morning after 40 hrs - 36 of which were in the air. Quick, I'd say San Francisco to New Guinea in 40 hours. We stopped 3 hrs at Hickman Field, Pearl Harbor & 45 min at Tarawa. Pulled in here this morning at 4:45. Lost a day when we crossed the 180 meridian.
We came down on a C-87 cargo. Converted B-24. The runs averaged about 2200 mi. Hard to imagine this but all I have to do is step out and look at a jungle. The monkeys are raising heck.
Say I guess we will leave here in a day or two. Going to a base not too far away (mil. secret). They call it student detachment so I guess we get some tng. here.
Boy Id really like to hear from Billy [Oscar's older brother]. I might get a chance to see him. If I knew exactly where he is.
Really tired, the plane had fairly comfortable seats but it was the time limit that got me. I slept 5 hrs last nite. All of last flt. was made in clouds, pretty rough at times. Had coffee & lunches on the plane & in all it wasn't too dog goned bad. I'm really glad we didn't travel by ship as it would have taken a month & that's not good.
Really like to have a big steak now. Didn't eat breakfast but am eager for dinner now. Very primitive here - eat out of mess kits & get our water out of lister bags.
Say Tarawa is quite a island about a mile by 1/4 mi, just a runway with native huts on one side & barracks on the other, all thatched roofs. Didn't have time to look it over but did look at a Jap pill box near the mess hall. About 3 - 4 ft thick of reinforced concrete. Several holes in it tho.
Well the rain has ceased and may be we will see the sun for awhile - so far its cool nuf here. One of the poor devils on Tarawa said it got about 120 there at noon. I guess it will be rather warmish here too at that. Only 8 of our guys came along but the other two will catch us in a day or two.
Well I'd better sign off before I reveal some military secrets or some thing. I'll write again soon - don't worry & take it easy.

Love Oscar